Yo. My name is Mel. I'm an 18 year old girl that draws and raps sometimes. The rest of the time I 'm a huge buttface.

The Buttface I'm in Love With


I was working on an update last night but my tablet got busted and part of me is like JUST UPDATE IT TRADITIONALLY YOU NERD but theb other is like “NO BUT IT WONT MATCH AND THATS GROSS”

Oh what my weird clothes post brought a couple of fitness blogs to mine.

Whisper sorry I’m not actually trying to change the way my body looks rn??? In just wanna wear cute stuff.

why you don't see a lot of "nice" SJ bloggers:


  1. people take advantage of your niceness to exploit you as a “source” of information - bombarding you with questions/requests with no respect for your boundaries/limitations
  2. give you backhanded compliments on your niceness at the expense of less nice “unreasonable”…

I’m just rambling about clothes ignore me.

I’ve never actually shopped for myself, my mom’s always gone with me and picked out clothes for me. I didn’t really start dressing myself until I got into college and even then yo. 

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impossible to get a good picture of the back of this dress sitting down + with my webcam but, im cute

whisper west where do you get your clothes because your fashion sense is literally perfect


You know what I’ve decided I really want to find?

A three piece suit.

Like nice pants and waistcoat and suit jacket, the full shabang.

Because that shit is hot as fuck and I would look flipping amazing in it.

I have no idea what I’d wear it for but I want it.

I’d also have to learn how to tie a tie.

But yeah I really want a three piece suit.

maybe I should do like dirty cheap marker commissions

would anyone even buy those though I don’t have enough of an artist’s presence.  


WELL OKAY I have to hold it in a very particular position but it makes it impossible ot draw because i’m really twitchy and it sucks and I really need a new tablet god damn. 

I don’t wanna wait until the summer to get it though but I’m only working during the summerr…….